SYSTEM 1 is a Single Wall Connecting Flue Pipe for Multi-Fuel Appliances. System 1 can be connected directly onto the appliance and it can also be used to reline a chimney when installed with the manufacturers installation instructions. System 1 pipes are not insulated. Their use as an external flue is not permitted as they can generate excessive condensation and disrupt the draw due to cold outside temperatures. System 1 is not suitable for condensing applications.

System 1 comprises of plain lengths, adjustable lengths, bends, bends with inspection/cleaning access, tees complete with cleaning inspection caps, cowls and support brackets.


System 2 is a factory made twin wall insulated stainless steel chimney system. It is suitable for use on solid fuel, biomass, oil and gas applications. System 2 is ideal for installation in residential, commercial or industrial heating applications. It can be installed internally or externally as an independent chimney system.

Components - ®Mi-Flues offer a wide range of prefabricated components allowing complete flexibility to meet today's demanding applications. The system comprises of straight lengths, adjustable lengths, bends, tees and a wide range or accessories. Care should be taken as some components are not suitable for condensing applications (as indicated in our System 2 brochure).

System 2 is also available as standard in a black finish in 125mm and 150mm diameters.


System 4 is a flexible liner designed for use with gas and oil fired appliances. It is designed to accomodate temperatures not exceeding 300°C.

It is available in the following diameters: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm and 200mm.

System 4 is designed to be used only inside a chimney as a liner and should only be connected to a suitable connecting flue pipe.

System 4 is not suitable for condensing applications. Please see our System 35 flexible flue which is suitable for condensing applications.


SYSTEM 7 - Vitreous Enamelled Steel Stove Pipes have been specificaly engineered to give an authentic visual look, whilst at the same time being manufactured using the latest technology to ensure years of trouble free use. The system has two coats of Class A quality enamel applied to both the inside and the outside of the pipes and accessories.

System 7 stove pipe should only be used to connect from an appliance into an existing lined chimney, or to ®Mi-Flues System 2 twin wall insulated stainless steel chimney, using an appropriate adaptor. System 7 should not be used externally or should not be used to line an existing chimney.

System 7 comprises of plain pipes, pipes with high temperature ceramic sealed doors, bends, tees complete with cleaning inspection caps, appliance adaptors and wall rosettes.


Cowls for Clay Pots

®Mi-Flues have for years now listened to our customers tell us about their chimney problems. In response to these questions we have developed a range of cowls to help resolve some of the issues raised.

Lack of chimney draught and resulting smoke problems are caused by poor chimney design and construction, insufficient sweeping of the chimney or unfavourable site conditions.

The most common cause of poor draught is a lack of air supply to the fire or appliance. This in many cases is due to lack of free air 'ventilation' to the room where the appliance is installed. The size of the room has no bearing on this - large rooms still need correct ventilation. You can check to see if your room is properly ventilated. Open a window in the room and leave it slightly open. If the draw improves then ventilation is at least part of the problem.

It should be noted that NO cowl will make an inadequate chimney installation operate correctly.


®Mi-Flues System 35 is a double skin flexible liner designed for relining masonary chimney applications with oil, gas and multi fuel appliances. System 35 is available in a 316L grade stainless steel or 904L grade. The difference in the grades is in the chemical composition of the stainless steel layers within the steel.

System 35 can only be installed completely enclosed inside a masonry chimney. It cannot be connected directly off the appliance. A directional arrow appears on the product indicating the gas flow direction. It is essential the flexible liner is installed as per the directional arrow system.

System 35 comprises of cut lengths, flexible flue kits, a range of adaptors, a range of cowls, clamp plates and nose cones.


®Mi-Flues System 39 is a factory made single wall flue system comprising of a range of lengths, tees, bends and assoiciated fittings and supports.

System 39 is suitable for the following applications:

Flue gas system for gas and oil fired appliances, as recommended by the appliance manufacturer
For relining existing chimneys using oil and gas fired appliances
Ventilation - boiler rooms, laundries and kitchens
Fume extraction
System 39 is not suitable for condensing applications.

System 39 has a unique press fit jointing system, which provides structural stability.

To prevent excess condensation of the flue gases and potential freezing, System 39 is not permitted for external runs.