Rain and Bird Guard for Chimney Pot

Made from 316L Stainless Steel so it is highly resistant to corrosion.  Unique safety features.  Highly adjustable for a No Fuss install.  Comes with a 2 year guarantee. Designed to provide added strength, longevity and superior protection from birds and debris.  Available in three finishes - Stainless Steel, Black and Terracotta.

The original heat powered stove fan is designed to circulate the warm air circulated by a stove.  Improved warm air circulation results in greater comfort and less fuel consumption.  It is self powered using heat from the stove and does not need batteries or mains power.

Valiant_2 Blade Stove Fan_Info Sheet_.pdf

The purpose of a Firestop is to provide resistance to fire spread between rooms or compartments.  To enhance the finish of our existing Firestop we have added the option of a Cover Plate.  This provides a more aesthetic finish as a Twin Wall flue penetrates a ceiling, whilst still providing the required unrestricted access for ventilated air as per Regulation.

System 2 Firestop with Cover Plate.pdf