The above Chart shows the most common flue runs we encounter and we know it will help you plan what you need to complete your installation.

All ®Mi-Flues products must be installed as per current Building Regulations.

Installation and Safety Information

Products are easy to handle but care should be taken when holding, fitting or assembling any part of the product system.

Installation instructions are available in the relevant product brochure.

Users are advised to use suitable precautions such as gloves, eye/face protection, protective clothing etc to avoid injury.

Installers should be aware of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 & Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (general application) regulations 2007.

Installers should be aware of the possibility of disturbing asbestos when working in older properties. This should be dealt with in accordance with the strict guidance documents. Particular attention should be taken to ensure suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used when applying certain fireclays which can be of a caustic nature, as well as when using any other substancees which may be harmful.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Adequate provision should be made for inspecting and cleaning the chimney system. Access components are available in the various product systems and should be installed to suit the installation unless sweeping can be undertaken through the appliance.

The chimney should be inspected regularly and cleaned at least twice a year, depending on usage and type of fuel used. This should be carried out with the use of a brush which is not made from black steel.